Deeko - The Start of Something New

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To say this has been a long time coming is an understatement. My wife and I bought the domain back in 1999 with the dream of starting our own online video game store. We secured a small loan from my father-in-law, bought a bunch of inventory, shipping boxes, and some e-commerce software and launched our site. The problem is, we knew very little about how to market the site and drive traffic. It was hard to compete with companies selling the same stuff we were - they had the volume discounts, better margins, more profit - and more knowledge.
Ultimately, our venture failed.

Since that time, Deeko has gone through many iterations - game review website, mobile application provider, general dead end on the internet - but we have always held out hope that one day we would get back to our original mission of providing products around geek and gaming culture. 

In the years since, we have had 2 boys who love the geek and gaming culture just as much as my wife and I. They are our motivation and inspiration for bringing this brand back to life.

Since 1999, I have worked in eCommerce and Digital Marketing roles at some large brands. With this experience I learned that the way brands survive and better yet, thrive, is to create products that are excellent, and provide exceptional customer experiences. This is our basic fundamental mission. We will do everything possible to make sure your experience with Deeko is the best it possibly can be.

Come along with us on this journey - it's sure to be a fun ride!

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