Brand Ambassador Program

Deeko is excited to announce our Brand Ambassador Program for 2017! We are looking for geeks and gamers who want to help promote Deeko products and get rewarded at the same time. If you love video games and pop culture, have social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) with a decent following, and are a generally positive  person (no downers allowed!), then you are probably a great fit for our program. 

What Do I Get?

The first thing you probably want to know is 'what do I get for participating'? Well, we have a list all prepared for you:

  1. Free products
  2. Free products
  3. See #1 and #2

What Do I Have To Do?

Being a brand ambassador is all about expressing your authentic appreciation for the products that Deeko makes. (If you don't like our products, then you should stop reading now!) This appreciation can be expressed a number of different ways, such as:

  1. Wearing our shirts or using our stuff. Going out in public, to school, or hanging out with friends in our gear. You have to wear a shirt (most of the time), so make it a Deeko shirt!
  2. Posting pictures of yourself wearing our stuff (or unboxing the stuff we send you) on your fav social media account, in your YouTube videos, blog, etc.
  3. Writing unbiased reviews of the products on our site - share your thoughts about the quality of the shirt, the design, the fit, or anything else you would like to share about the shirt. Feedback helps us make the best stuff we can for our customers.
  4. Promote our social media handle and hashtag (@deekollc & #deeko)
  5. Other cool ways we haven't listed here because this list is getting pretty long, and you get the idea.

How Do You Know I'm Fulfilling My End Of The Deal?

We have our ways! We obviously will follow all of our Ambassadors and check in on how they are doing. We want to make sure our Ambassadors are successful, and are rewarded for participation. We aren't going to prescribe how our Ambassadors express themselves with our products (please keep it clean!)

OK, sounds cool, how do I apply?

  1. Create an account on You'll get an exclusive personal URL to share that will earn you points for everyone your refer to the site to purchase. You can redeem those points for discounts in addition to the free products we will send you.  Learn more about Deeko Rewards.
  2. Follow us on our social media channels.
    Look for @deekollc on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest
  3. If you have done #1 and #2, and you feel like you meet all the other criteria outlined, and actually like our stuff (we know when people are fakers), then use our orange support button in the lower right corner or our contact form to send us a message starting with 'Brand Ambassador', and in the body of your message, tell us why you feel you are qualified for our program, and include links to your social media profiles. We'll review your note and let you know if you are the right fit for our program. We will have a limited number of spots for 2017, so apply today!