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Super Mario Bros. 6-Inch Blooper Plush
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Super Mario Bros. 6-Inch Blooper Plush [Pre-order]

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Estimated Ship Date: September 2017

Subject to limited availability, this official Super Mario Plush presents the one-and-only Blooper. The squid-like creature is super-cute in this huggable, 6-inch tall plush, and you don't have to play the game to own one!

Bloopers, originally known in English as "Bloobers," are white, squid-like creatures that first appear in Super Mario Bros. In some Mario sports games, the Mario Kart series and Super Mario Sunshine, they're items that can be used by players. In Mario Kart, they temporarily reduce a drivers' visibilities by spraying ink on them, blocking most of their view. Blooper is also an unlockable playable character in Mario Party 8.To unlock him, the player has to beat the Star Battle Arena once. He was also an unlockable character in Mario Super Sluggers. Two variations of Blooper-- the Bubble Blooper and the Dried Blooper-- appear in Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story:

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